Alison Green specialises in commercial law, in particular insurance and reinsurance law. She has extensive experience of insurance and reinsurance litigation in a wide variety of insurance covers.

She is recommended as a leading Junior in Chambers UK, where she is described as “a well known figure in the insurance market”,”well abreast of all new developments in UK insurance law “an eminent authority in the insurance community”, “steeped in insurance law”, respected for her “patient, persuasive approach”, “good at analysis and gives clear advice” “user-friendly and attentive” and where she wins praise for her “thoroughness, great knowledge and reliable advice”.

She is renowned for her good track record in handling international insurance and reinsurance matters. She is joint leader of the Insurance and Reinsurance specialists at 2TG. She has drafted policy wordings and has provided expert evidence for foreign courts on English insurance law.

Alison sits as an arbitrator and mediator. She regularly chairs and speaks at professional conferences on insurance and reinsurance law. She also speaks fluent French and German.

Examples of Subject Areas

Recent developments in insurance law.
This would cover changes made by the Insurance Act 2015 which came into force in August 2016, the Consumer Insurance Act 2012 which came into force in April 2013 and the Third Parties (Rights against Insurers) Act 2010 which came into force in August 2016. On a full day I would also cover recent case law developments, the insurance provisions in the Enterprise Act which come into force next year and provide a practical case study.

Fraudulent insurance claims by insureds on insurers
This would cover the present fraudulent insurance claims provisions in the Insurance Act, the two recently decided Supreme Court cases on fraudulent claims, as well as other case law. This course would be focused on different types of fraudulent claims and tips on how insurers deal with them and how insurers should deal with them. On a full day I would provide some practical case studies.