Annik Petrou teaches presentation, pitching & networking skills in an interactive & experiential way. She has been a presentation skills & communication training facilitator since 2011. Apart from regularly speaking at conferences & business events, running a 6-month Speaking Accelerator programme for entrepreneurs and a number of additional London based training events she has worked with CEOs of large corporates, in the creative & advertising industry, with lawyers, accountants, recruitment and sales teams to take employee performance and impact to the next level.

Example Subject Areas

Fundamentals of Presentation
– Preparation, practice and pre-delivery techniques
– Presentation nerves and how to overcome them
– 8 tested and proven grounding techniques
– Small talk and how to talk to anyone
– How to always know what to say

Audience Connection
– Techniques to create instant audience rapport
– Learn the 3 main structures to create a speech fast
– Step-by-step content creation process
– 10 powerful opening and endings to a more memorable presentation
– Line-by-line analysis of your presentation
– The do’s and don’ts of using humour
– Words that paint a picture and stick in everyone’s mind
– Phrases you can use to calm unfriendly audience

– How to best use Power Point
– What every presenter already knows but often ignores
– Examples of most common mistakes to avoid
– The elements of storytelling and techniques to leave more impact when using stories
– How to increase your presence with 3 simple adjustments
– The perfect eye contact
– Body language to match your speaking style
– Posture and gesture techniques without distracting from your message
– How to detect if your audience is bored and how to draw them back in
– Controlling ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’

– How to get gigs at conferences
– Running your in-house workshops
– Your Elevator Pitch for networking events
– Credibility and earning the right as a presenter
– Pitching for business