Interpersonal Skills for Lawyers and Law Firms 

The Science of Human Relations and How to Use it for Success

1 Day In-House Accelerated Programme for Advanced Practitioners

3 Days In-House Masterclass + Long Term Reinforcement 


“The most useful person in the world today is the one who knows how to get along with others. Human relations is the most important science in living”. Stanley C Allyn President Ex Chairman National Cash Register Company.

This course will help you to understand the principles behind human interactions and interpersonal relationships. It will help you develop a more confident attitude and get you to encourage enthusiasm throughout your entire workplace to help everyone achieve professional and personal success. It’s All About You.


  • Learn Methods To Connect With Others & Generate Mutual Success
  • Use Five Unforgettable Key Success Drivers
  • Commit To Breaking Through Barriers That Hinder Us All

Learning Outcomes – On completion, Participants should be able to;

  • Know How To Get The Best Out Of Yourself
  • Know How To Get The Best Out Of Everyone Around You


Part 1 – Explore Your Strengths | Part 2 – Learn What Works | Part 3 – Put It All Into Action

Contents Include;

  • Using Success Drivers
  1. Build Greater Self Confidence
  2. Improve People Skills
  3. Tune Up Communication Skills
  4. Enhance Our Leadership Skills
  5. Find Less Stress & Improve Attitude
  • Reach For The Stars To Ensure We Get The Moon
  • Improve Personal Memory Skills
  • Enhance All Relationships
  • Improve Personal Self Confidence
  • Disagree Without Being Disagreeable
  • Motivating Others
  • How To Be More Flexible
  • Reducing Stress & Worry
  • Recognising Others & Lead Them To New Heights
  • Celebrate Success, Agree New Goals & Plan For Success
  • Agree Reinforcement & Coaching Planning To Make It Work Without Fading


These events can be held on your premises and on dates to suit you

Prices: One day £350 per person (minimum of 6 people)

Three days  £950 per person (minimum of 5 people) plus optional monthly reinforcement (days can be consecutive or non-consecutive)


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