3 hours – Updating

• To challenge participants understanding of the rules for the RNRB and its accompanying downsizing adjustment conditions
• To examine the application of these rules to the drafting of Wills, estate administration and estate planning

Learning Outcomes – By the end of this session Participants should be able to:
• Recognise clients where the RNRB is appropriate
• Ask the right questions of clients to establish the correct application of the RNRB & its downsizing adjustment
• Draft Wills to make the estates of clients eligible for the RNRB or the downsizing adjustment, if required
• Calculate and claim the appropriate reliefs during estate administration
• Discuss the organisation of a client’s assets to maximise the chances of gaining the optimal outcome

• RNRB key definitions & general rules
• RNRB downsizing
• Impact on Will drafting
• Estate administration – calculations and claims
• Estate planning – taking eligibility for RNRB into account

Gill Steel is a solicitor who has operated in the field of legal training and consulting for over 20 years and has more than 30 years specialist experience in Wills, Probate, Trusts Tax and Elderly Client issues. Gill provides off-the-shelf or bespoke training for organisations and professional bodies.

Backed by her own experiences in and working with Private Client Departments, Gill identifies with the everyday challenges that professionals face, enabling her to provide learning and development opportunities that inspire them to develop the expertise they need to deliver services competently to their clients.