A Few Examples of our In-house Courses

Drafting wills for disabled beneficiaries
Residential Nil Rate Band (RNRB) – its impact on will drafting, estate administration and estate planning
Topical trust administration issues
Arbitration Clauses: when to use and drafting
Arbitration: applications to the court and appeals
Interpretation of contracts
Drafting Commercial Contracts
Interpretation of Leases
Jurisdiction and Proper Law
Repudiation of a Contract: when it occurs and how to deal with the situations and its many dangers
Unjust Enrichment
CPR updates
Part 36
“Without Prejudice”: true meaning and misconceptions
Specific Performance

Copyright and similar rights
Trade marks
Privacy and confidential information
General IP
Information technology
Access to information under FOI/FOISA/EIRs or the DPA
Auditing data protection
FOI requests for personal data
FOI and public procurement, contracts and confidentiality
Data Protection Act and CCTV
Data Protection Act and data sharing (e.g. child protection)
Data Protection Act and Employee data
Data Protection Act and Finance service delivery
Data Protection Act and Health
Data Protection Act and Housing
Data Protection Act and Law firms
Data Protection Act and Marketing
Data Protection Act and Social Services
Data Protection Act overview in a day
Data Protection and Outsourcing
Data Protection Officer training (BCS DP Foundation or Practitioner courses; 5 or 7 days of training)
Data Protection Update on the latest enforcement issues
Environmental Information Regulations in a day
Exemptions from the right of access to information
Freedom of Information/EIR overview in a day
General Data Protection Regulation
Handling requests for access to personal data
Handling requests for information
Information Security and the law
Privacy Impact Assessments in data protection
Refusing requests for information
Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act in a day
Re-use of public sector information
Step by step guide to leasehold enfranchisement and new lease claims
Current issues in leasehold enfranchisement and new lease claims
Housing Law update
Effective Leasehold Management
Residential Landlord and Tenant update
Environmental law
Food law
Licensing law
Recent developments in insurance law
Fraudulent insurance claims by insureds on insurers
Company Law Update
Succession planning – to safeguard a firm’s future
How to develop performance – based partner remuneration – to fairly reward contribution
Understanding finance – for lawyers
Presentation skills
Pricing and managing work for higher profit
Forward planning in an uncertain future
Personal achievement
Communication and influencing
Business development
Leadership and getting the best from people
The big picture – a guide to managing and marketing your law firm
Barriers to growth and how to overcome them
Managing disruption in law firms – when power shifts
Targeting and differentiation
Planning and implementing plans

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